Private Lessons​
Canine Fitness
I will bring all the equiptment to your house and work with you and your dog to  help lose or maintain the proper weight, keep muscles and joints healthy and strong and promote the wellness of your dog.  This is for any age dogs,  I have a special program for seniors.

This helps with overall fitness as well as mental fitness.  It goes way beyond the walk!!



Treibball in the comfort of your own home or yard,  I bring the balls you provide the area!!

you will be able to learn anything from the basics to  games to more advanced movements!!


Group Classes

Around Town
We meet around town to teach public Manners

   $20 per class


Nose Work

Nose work classes are held on weekends at different parks , they are on a n as available basis.  emails are sent each week with the place , day and time

$20 per class


6 Hairy Legs workshops

Treibball Workshops


If you have a dog who has made you laugh,

brightened your life,

silently accepted your tears without judgement,

snuggled with you,

forgiven your faults and loved you anyway,

you are one of the lucky ones!

Dogs are a gift most of us don’t deserve.

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Good Dogs Make Happy Owners

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