If you have a dog who has made you laugh,

brightened your life,

silently accepted your tears without judgement,

snuggled with you,

forgiven your faults and loved you anyway,

you are one of the lucky ones!

Dogs are a gift most of us don’t deserve.

Good Dogs Make Happy Owners

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   Superior Dog Training, Inc.

Suzanne Kalafian, Owner, ABCDT, CTT

 Suzanne has been a professional dog trainer since 1997 and holds  several certifications, including Certified Dog Trainer Through   Animal Behavior College, Certified Mentor  trainer through Animal  Behavior College, Certified  Treibball Trainer,  AKC  Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and Assistant Trick Dog Instructor.                                        

 Originally from Pennsylvania, Suzanne and Superior Dog Training  relocated to North Carolina in 2004.

Superior Dog Training can often feel more like an extended family  than a simple business, and it’s no accident! Suzanne takes a  personal  interest in each of her clients and their canine companions and works tirelessly to identify the best way to motivate and teach each dog.    Whether she is working with someone who has their very first dog or a long-time dog owner, Suzanne knows there’s always more to learn and tailors her instruction to the skills and interests of each client-dog team.

Suzanne believes that enhancing the bond between dog and human is one of the most important aspects of training. Whether teaching basic manners, addressing behavior concerns, or teaching a sport, she maintains an awareness of the team dynamic in order to keep frustration low and learning high. She promotes accurate communication and fun interactions as the cornerstones of successful training.

Suzanne firmly believes that continuing education is a must for furthering professional growth and providing top-notch services to clients. She attends a wide array of workshops and seminars, utilizes colleague-based forums, and reads extensively in order to stay current in the field.

Suzanne’s family includes a devoted husband, two wonderful grown girls,  and a frisbee-fetching, treibball pushing, high flying Jack Russell Terrier named Spike.

You can contact Suzanne directly at Superiordogtraining@nc.rr.com