At Superior, we emphasize the importance of the human-canine bond and believe that the strongest relationships can only be achieved when dogs feel safe and have fun with their owners. I am committed to teaching my students how to effectively use fun and force-free training methods and activities to create those relationships.

Suzanne is committed to learning new things and  stays current on the latest and most innovative training methods out there.

I also understand that each dog is an individual. My goal is to discover the most effective approach for each dog and provide our students with training plans that are tailored to their dogs’ personalities and interests.

I strive to have each owner acquire the knowledge and skills they need to create a canine companion who is happy and well-behaved! 

  • Persoalized Private Training
    • Nose Work
    • Treibball
    • Canine Fitness
  • Specialty Classes
    • Nose Work
    • Treibball
    • Canine Fitness
  • Online Classes (coming Soon)
    • Everything Puppy
    • Basic Manners
    • Treibball
  • Workshops
    • Treibball
    • Nose Work
    • 6 Hairy Legs 

Our Training Pholisophy


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If you have a dog who has made you laugh,

brightened your life,

silently accepted your tears without judgement,

snuggled with you,

forgiven your faults and loved you anyway,

you are one of the lucky ones!

Dogs are a gift most of us don’t deserve.

Good Dogs Make Happy Owners

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